Friday, June 29, 2018

the makings of a website

Three days ago I didn't own a domain name.

However while registering this domain, Google alerted me to a substantial free credit for their GCP (Google Cloud Platform). I decided to take the free credit and poke around.

It took all of about 30 minutes to spin up an Nginx instance, obtain a public IP, setup firewall rules, and update DNS.

With the help from a tutorial, I setup SSL encryption from Let's Encrypt and automated the renewal process.

After about 15 minutes of writing worlds most basic HTML page, I was left feeling very fulfilled with the results:

Take Away's: 

Google's $300 credit for GCP will allow me to run my current instance for 2 years before it costs me anything.

The tutorial for obtaining an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt was thorough. Be warned it requires some level of experience with Linux. You'll need to be familiar with navigating linux, mkdir, vim/nano, chmod, and chown (at minimum).

If you're going to take the time to obtain a certificate, the little bit of extra effort to automate the renewal is a no brainer!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hello World!

Thanks for joining me as I journey through my career in IT.

My purpose for starting this blog is threefold:
1) Learning: opportunity to challenge myself to go deep into protocols and learn new technologies.
2) Branding:opportunity to demonstrate to other companies and peers my skills and strengths.
3) Sharing: opportunity to assist others in their journey.

I will strive to be as accurate as possible, and when I make a mistake please let me know so we can continue to learn together!